1. Sydney streets

  2. 1 more week until I am back in my favourite place with my favourite people doing my favourite things. Cannot wait to be back.

  3. Got my new Mamiya RB67 and threw a roll of Tri-X through it with the boys. Love it.

  4. Kempsey

  5. Big night

  6. Violent Soho and crowd surfers evading security at Winterfest

  7. Dre

  8. Layers

  9. Good day with the fellas.

  10. Port Macquarie| Breakwall, Town Beach. The only place to be when the boys wanna roll and the sun is shining.

  11. More north head :)

  12. This is for Benen. Im basically another child in his family. Every now and then I used to go to his farm every couple of weeks in Wauchope and we would just hangout for 3 or 4 days. We would go driving and riding in the forests, chasing cows in the paddock, shooting stuff, watching the stars at night and sitting around, talking shit all night by the fire and watching M.A.S.H. I can honestly say I feel 100% at home there and that it is my favourite place on earth. To Wauchope and to Benen.

  13. North head with samueljohnsheperd and willcanning